Saturday, February 11, 2012

Updated Situations

The following are a few situations with the licensed agencies with whom we work - email me anytime for more info!

Caucasian/African American/Puerta Rican baby girl due Feb. 16 in UT. Agency fees are 25,500 plus medical.

African American baby girl due March 1 in UT. Agency fees are 16K plus medical.

Caucasian baby boy due in June in AZ. Agency fees plus 6K in assistance to mom plus 8500 estimated legal.

Caucasian baby of unknown gender due in June in LA. Agency fees plus 7K in assistance to mom plus 8K estimated legals.

African American baby boy due in April in AZ. Agency fee (with agency grant) of 11,500 plus 4500 in assistance plus legals

Every situation posted has come from a licensed agency with whom we work closely. "Situation" is used to describe a case in which an expectant mom has come to work with an adoption agency to place her unborn child. Fees are different for every agency and we do our best to estimate total cost, but it's different for every case. Email me at karalee@christianadoptionconsultants.com for more info about any situation, our services or about the domestic adoption process, in general. :)

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