Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Updated Situations

My goodness, where did the fall go? Happy December to everybody and hope your Christmas preparations are going well! This is one of the warmest, happiest times of the year, but I know from experience it can be one of the toughest for those dealing with infertility, waiting in the adoption process, AND for birth families out there, so remember all three in your prayers!

Here are a few new situations a couple of the agencies we work with are matching. The first is a special, difficult situation, so email me asap if you'd like more info.

3/4 Caucasian, 1/4 African American baby girl born Nov. 22 in UT. Birth mom has already relinquished rights, but there are some complicated birth father legal issues and a strong possibility of a contested adoption. Any family needs to be prepared financially and emotionally in the event of that challenge and uncertainty. Agency fees are 25K, 7K in medical and again, additional legal fees depending on how the case goes.

Caucasian baby unknown gender due Jan 30 in MD. Agency fee plus 4K in assistance plus legal.

African American baby boy due 1/16 in LA. Agency fee of 11,500 plus 2,500 in assistance to mom plus 8K legal.

Caucasian baby unknown gender due in March in MA. Agency fee plus 6K in assistance to mom plus legal. Has placed previously with this agency.

African American baby girl due in UT on 2/20. Agency fees of 32K plus medicals. Prefers a family with no children but will consider all.

Caucasian/Hispanic baby girl due 1/21 in ID. Agency fees of 36K plus legal. Wants an LDS family.

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