Monday, September 5, 2011

Updated Situations - Happy Labor Day:)

I just spoke with one of my awesome clients last week about labor and how we definitely do LABOR for our babies, it's just a different sort of process. The pain in adoption is different, but it can be there. And it's can feel like a long process, but in the end, you have this beautiful little miracle. So, even though it's in honor of working, in general, Happy LABOR day to all of those waiting on their baby to come home:)

The following are a few current situations from our network of agencies. Fees include medical, legal, agency administration fees, etc. unless otherwise noted. For questions about how our clients are matched or how we list these situations, refer to the sidebar on the right. If you have questions about these situations or about any of the consulting services we offer, email me at karalee@christianadoptionconsultants.com.

African American baby girl due Oct. 24 in UT. Agency fees are 16K plus medical.

Biracial boy due late October in AZ. $30k + $7k legals

Caucasian baby due late October in MD. $28k + $8k legals

African American baby due October 24th in UT. $17k + $6-8k medical

African American girl due in November in PA. $11.5k + $4k living expenses + $7k legals

Caucasian baby due in November in FL. $29k + $7k living expenses + $8.5k legals

Caucasian boy due November 12th in UT. $30.5k

Caucasian baby due in February in VA. $29k + $7k legals (Mom would like an open adoption with a few visits per year)

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