Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MANY new situations

I hope you all had wonderful holidays!! A few of the agencies we work with have a bunch of new situations waiting for matches. If you're a client and want to be shown, let me know! If you'd like more info about CAC and the services we offer, email me at karalee@christianadoptionconsultants.com

1.) Bi-Racial (AA/CC), unknown gender, Due Date June, agency fee $30K

2.) Caucasian, unknown gender, Due Date Feb, $25-$30K

3.) Caucasian baby girl, Due in UT Feb. 4 Agency fee 30,500 + medical

4.) Caucasian baby boy, due in UT Feb. 9 Agency fee 30,500 + medical

5.) African American Baby girl due in UT March 7 Agency fee of 17,500 + medical

6.) Caucasian baby girl due in UT March 13 Agency fee of 30,500 + medical

7.) Caucasian/Hispanic baby boy due in UT March 29 Agency fee of 30,500 + medical

8.) Caucasian/African American baby girl due Feb. 4 in UT Agency fee of 22,500 +medical

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