Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two Open Adoption Situations Needing Immediate Matches and Many More :)

Hello! :) Long time no post! Hope everyone is well! We have two different adoption situations with one of our agencies that I want to write specifically about. Both situations are due within two weeks and both expectant mothers want an open adoption. Both babies are biracial boys and have a completely clean social/medical history.
For more info on either situation or about CAC, contact me at karalee@christianadoptionconsultants.com

We have the following other situations from the agencies with whom we work (fees listed include agency fees and any known medical/legal fees):
Caucasian (65 mg methodone daily), Unk Gender, $30.5K, UT, Induction March 27
3/4 Cauc 1/4 Hisp Boy, 4/9/09, $30.5K
African-American Girl, 4/13/09, $16K
Cauc/AA Boy, 4/20/09, $20.5K
Cauc (some mental illness and drug exp) Boy, 5/19/09, $30.5K
African American boy, 4/28/09, UT, $16K
African American Girl, 5/5/09, UT, $16K
African American Unk Gender, OH, 4/3/09, $21K
Cauc Unk Gender, July, $35-38K
Cauc boy, April, $35-38K
Hisp girl, June, $38K
AA girl, March, $12K-$17K
Cauc/AA boy, March, $30K
AA Unk gender, March $12K-$17K

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Maru and Fico said...

Can you send us more info? We have an approved home study, family profile is ready, etc. Only thing missing is a baby! :o) Thanks! maruandfico@gmail.com