Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Urgent Situation - Baby Being Born Friday 3/27

We have an urgent situation sent to us by an agency we work with. The expectant mom will be delivering this FRIDAY via C-section in Arizona. The baby is a biracial little boy. The expectant mom had a positive Quad screen for Down's Syndrome, but an amnio showed that the baby DOES NOT have Down's. The expectant mom also consumed some alcohol in her first trimester. If you're (or ANYONE you know is) interested and are home study approved, and you could travel almost immediately, please contact me at karalee@christianadoptionconsultants.com ASAP. I can give you lots more info including fees and the full social/medical of the expectant mom.
Thanks and again, feel free to pass the word on to anyone you know who may be interested; we need to find a family for this little one!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Two Open Adoption Situations Needing Immediate Matches and Many More :)

Hello! :) Long time no post! Hope everyone is well! We have two different adoption situations with one of our agencies that I want to write specifically about. Both situations are due within two weeks and both expectant mothers want an open adoption. Both babies are biracial boys and have a completely clean social/medical history.
For more info on either situation or about CAC, contact me at karalee@christianadoptionconsultants.com

We have the following other situations from the agencies with whom we work (fees listed include agency fees and any known medical/legal fees):
Caucasian (65 mg methodone daily), Unk Gender, $30.5K, UT, Induction March 27
3/4 Cauc 1/4 Hisp Boy, 4/9/09, $30.5K
African-American Girl, 4/13/09, $16K
Cauc/AA Boy, 4/20/09, $20.5K
Cauc (some mental illness and drug exp) Boy, 5/19/09, $30.5K
African American boy, 4/28/09, UT, $16K
African American Girl, 5/5/09, UT, $16K
African American Unk Gender, OH, 4/3/09, $21K
Cauc Unk Gender, July, $35-38K
Cauc boy, April, $35-38K
Hisp girl, June, $38K
AA girl, March, $12K-$17K
Cauc/AA boy, March, $30K
AA Unk gender, March $12K-$17K