Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb. 18th Situations

For more info about how to be submitted for these situations, about Christian Adoption Consultants or about the breakdown of agency fees, living expenses, legal fees, etc. feel free to contact me! Have a great day! :)

Caucasian Boy, 5 months old, $37K
African-American Girl, 5 months old, $21K
Bi-Racial Girl, 4 months old, $31K
Bi-Racial Boy, April, $33K
Caucasian Boy, 4/18/09, UT, $30K, Birth mother is bipolar. She also wants a family that is a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints
African-American Girl, 3/10/09, AL, $20K
African-American Boy, 2/28/09, UT, $24K
African-American Unk Gender, 3/21/09, UT, $24K
African-American Unk Gender, 3/22/09, UT, $24K
3/4 Hisp and 1/4 AA Boy, March, Michigan, $27K, will be using michigan law OR the laws where the adoptive family lives
Caucasian Girl, 7/2/09, $30K

If you would like to read a Blog post about how we come across situations to post please click here

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