Friday, January 16, 2009

Updated Situations

We have a few new adoption situations today! I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)
As always, contact me with questions about any of the situations or to find out more about what CAC offers.

1.) *NEW* Caucasian Unk Gender, Due June, $35K
2.) *NEW* Caucasian Boy, 2/9/09, UT, $30K, poss drug use
3.) African-American/Caucasian Boy, Due April
4.) Caucasian Boy, Due April
5.) Caucasian Girl, 1/23/09, BM on methadone
6.) African-American/Hispanic Girl, 2/28/09, Maryland, $20K (Alcohol Exp)
7.) African-American Boy, 2/6/09, GA, $20K
8.) African-American Boy, 2/17/09,SC, $21K
9.) African-American Boy, 2/17/09, UT, agency fee $16K
10.) African-American Girl, 3/1/09, TX, $20K
11.) African-American Boy, 3/6/09, LA, $20K
12.) African-American Girl, 3/1/09, AL, $20K
13.) African-American/Caucasian Boy, Due March
14.) African-American/Caucasian Unk Gender, Due April
15.) African-American Boy, Due Feb
16.) African-American Boy, Due Feb
17.) Caucasian Boy, Due Feb
18.) Caucasian/Hispanic Unk Gender, Due Feb
19.) Caucasian Unk Gender, Due May
20.) 3/4 Hispanic 1/4 Caucasian Girl, Due Feb

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