Thursday, December 4, 2008

Current Adoption Situations

Below are the situations we have available to our clients as of December 3rd:

1.) *NEW* Hisp Unk Gender, April, $25-$30K
2.) *NEW* Caucasian/African-American Unk Gender, March, $25-$30K
3.) *NEW* African-American Girl, 2/14/09, $16K
4.) *NEW* African-American Girl, Feb '09, $16K
5.) Caucasian/Hispanic Unk Gender (cocaine exp first two months), 11/25/08, $30K
6.) African-American/Caucasian Boy, 12/29/08, $20K
7.) African-American Girl, 1/12/09, $16K
8.) African-American Unk Gender, Feb '09, $15-$20K
9.) African-American Boy, Feb '09, $15-$20K
10.)African-American Unk Gender, $15-$20K
11.) Caucasian Unk Gender, March, $30-$35K
12.)African-American Twins (premature - still in hospital - born 11/15/08) Family needs to be from Utah or be willing to be in Utah for months. Fees are $20K with consideration for the outcome of children.
13.) African-American Boy, 1/20/09, $16K
14.) African-American Unk Gender, 1/12/09, $20K
15.) African-American Boy, 1/14/09, $16K
16.) African-American Unk Gender, 1/27/09, $20K

The list is growing and growing! :) Keep in mind, also, that we get new situations very regularly, so even if a specific situation won't work for you, we can definitely work with you to find a great situation quickly!

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Anonymous said...

I know, I know...I noticed the growth and found that very encouraging!