Saturday, September 20, 2008

Possible Special Needs Situation

We've been notified of a baby already born who may be a special needs situation. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested. We're really looking to find a family for this sweet girl!

We have a Caucasian baby girl in our care born on the 1st of September who needs a family. She has been in a neonatal unit since her birth, experiencing feeding/swallowing difficulties. It has been discovered that she has suffered a mild stroke (probably occurred in utero) in the cerebellum region of her brain. Doctors and therapists are continuing to evaluate her needs and seem confident that she will be feeding by mouth soon. We have been told that the area of the brain where the stroke occurred controls balance, coordination and motor skills. The amount of damage to this area caused by the stroke (if any) will not be known for months or even years. The birthmother reported alcohol and some cocaine use during her pregnancy. Although she reports no further use after 26 weeks (when she learned she was pregnant), the drug screen showed marijuana in the baby’s urine (indicating exposure within 48 hours of delivery).
The birthmother is seeking a loving family for her baby. She is a lovely, intelligent young woman who would like to remain in contact with the adopting family. If you--or somebody you know-- may be interested in adopting or fostering this child (until a permanent family can be found), please call our office immediately. Please call me if you have questions or an interest in learning more about this situation.

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