Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family Needed!

We received this situation today and currently have no families to show. If interested, please contact me right away at karalee@christianadoptionconsultants.com

Benjamia is 22 years old and is having a full AA boy.
The baby due Oct. 8th in North Little Rock, Arkansas
Fees on this situation are 16K plus 4,000 to bring Utah Law
They will need to pay for travel and stay in Arkanas until ICPC goes through.
Also $850 for a DPR and then what ever the finalization cost is
She has Medicaid in Arkansas
The birth Father is going Undisclosed. She was with a few men around the same time and doesn’t know who the birth father is.
Benjamia is 5 foot 3 and weighs about 250 pounds when she is not pregnant
She says that she has black naturally curly hair and brown eyes
She describes herself as happy and outgoing with a great personality
She is parenting a 3 year old boy and feels like she can’t financially parent another child
Benjamia said before conception she did cocaine every other day and drank a half a pint of alcohol not very often.
Mainly on the weekends.
She also said that she smoke before conception, about a pack a day.
She suffers from some depression. She said a lot of it came after her dad was murdered
She says that her and her son have Asthma and currently is taking Methldopa for her Asthma.

She would like to pick, talk and meet the family. After the placement she wants a closed adoption.
She would like a family with no biological children
She is possibly open to a single mom
Education, Financial secure and Christian are all things that she is looking for in a family.

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Coach B. said...

Your website is crazy! I am forwarding it to my sister in law who has been waiting through LDS family services for a while.

I am a former birth mom who never used drugs or alcohol...thank god! I was just way too young :)

Keep up the good work.