Monday, August 4, 2008

Why Use A Consultant?

Most often, when people decide to adopt, they assume the only way to do it is to sign with a local agency and sit on a waiting list. I know because that is what I assumed. We contacted a local adoption agency and were told the waiting list for a newborn baby was 3 years. After battling infertility, I couldn't imagine waiting another three years to be a mom. So, I started doing some research and found Christian Adoption Consultants. Here are a few of the facts that convinced me using a consultant was the way to go:
1. I was confused and overwhelmed! :) There is so much information and so many different agencies out there and every single state has different laws. How do you know which to choose? CAC has strong relationships with reputable agencies. We work only with licenced, trustworthy agencies with whom we have developed personal relationships. For me, it was a great comfort and relief to be able to put our adoption in the hands of experts who were working as advocates for my husband and I.
2. You will not sit on a waiting list for years. Being submitted to multiple agencies lets you be shown to various situations at a time. I know in our situation, we completed our homestudy at the end of September and our daughter was born April 2. That is less than six months from start to finish!
3. At CAC, we work typically in states that are considered "safe" for adoptive families. The birth mother usually signs her consent within 24-48 hours after birth and cannot revoke after she signs. For us, we were comforted in knowing that there wouldn't be a long waiting period in which we would be holding our breath worrying that our birth mother might change her mind. CAC consultants are knowledgeable about state laws and avoid situations that are not in the adoptive family's interest. This sort of protection was a major plus for me.
4. CAC offers a great deal of guidance and advice financially. Adopting is expensive. Beyond just agency costs, there are legal fees, homestudy costs, travel expenses, etc. Part of our consulting benefits include providing our couples with knowledge of a variety of resources such as grants, low interest loans, creative financing advice, and more. In addition to the knowledge provided, we will do everything we can to help you make wise financial decisions. In our situation, we had a specific budget that we knew we could not go over. CAC worked with our budget and helped us avoid more financially risky situations.

Adopting can be overwhelming; believe me, I know! But, as a consultant, my job is to make your adoption as quick, safe, financially sound, and rewarding as possible!


Trace said...

All the reasons why I have been considering them :-).

cindy psbm said...

the reason number three seems very very cruel to a surrendering first mom. If you really care about people you would encourage a longer period of time for a first mom to change her mind, its actually her own child she is thinking of giving up. That decision should not be rushed.
I find your blog very very very very very sickening. The fact that you are overjoyed with the thought that a first mom is going to be separated from her child is truly inhumane. I have no idea if you keep in contact with your child first mom but I hope that you treat her as you would want to be treated. She will always be your childs mom, even if you do have her child call you 'mom'.