Tuesday, August 5, 2008

9/2 Utah Situation

Birth mother Jennifer is having a full AA boy in Utah on 9/2
The fees are 14K plus and estimated cost of 8 to 10 for medical cost
The birth father has already signed
This does not include finalization

Jennifer is 19 years old and is from Tennessee.
She is currently living in agency apartments in Utah.
She is 5”3 and weighs about 132
She has Brown hair and Brown eyes.
She says she has a light complexion and is small boned
She says that on a scale 1-10 with being committed to placing, she is a 10.
She has a baby boy that was born 9/2/07
She has had prenatal care during her pregnancy
She has no drugs, alcohol or smoking
She also reports no mental illness issues

Jennifer would like to choose the family, talk to them and meet them.
She wants semi-open with pictures and letters to the agency, also some phone calls
She would like a two parent home, middle age, she says with no other children. ( could have a few)
She said that education, financially secure and Christian were all very important to her in a family

The birth father would like to go undisclosed.
He stands 5” 8 and weighs about 185
The birth father says that he has asthma

**As a side note, if you're interested, Utah has fantastic laws for adoptive families. They want to show profiles within the week, so please contact me immediately if you're interested.

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